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Firebirds Baseball & Softball Programs


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Program History

The Firebirds AAU Baseball Club fielded its first team in 1996 and fielded its first ASA Softball team in 2001.   We currently field baseball teams and  softball teams.  We strive to give our players the best quality instruction and coaching available.

Goals, Values, and Objectives

Baseball is considered the greatest game invented by Americans. It may be played at all age levels and can be enjoyed by the novice player as well as the most experienced veteran. The Firebirds Baseball program intends to teach the game of baseball to each player to reach his highest ability level and encourage growth and improvement in baseball skills and strategy and impart an appreciation for the game. We also demand that each player should be a sportsman, who will play hard, but treat each opposing player with appreciation, respect, and dignity. We will stress the importance of academic achievement to every player in our program and send a clear message to our participants for success on the athletic field.

Prospect Teams

Developing one player at a time, this is the Firebirds motto.  We work hard to develop each kid enough to make it to their goal of playing college baseball.  These Prospect Teams will play an AAU Showcase schedule, which requires more games and more travel.  They include:

14U ProspectThis team will play the regular AAU schedule (March - May), then transition to a tournament schedule during the summer.  This team will require more commitment, investment and travel.

15U Prospect: This team will play the regular 15U AAU schedule after the completion of the high school season, then tournaments during the summer.

16U/17U Prospect: This team will play AAU during June and July followed by several showcase tournaments later in the summer.


About AAU

The national AAU baseball program began in 1983 to promote youth baseball at its highest level of play and to organize district, regional, and national tournament programs. Teams in each district play a regular season as their schedules are established by a cooperative effort among the managers across each district. District tournaments are played to determine eligible district teams to advance to regional and national championship competition. Additionally, there are Division 1 and Division 2 tournaments organized throughout the United States open and available to all AAU baseball programs. These tournaments permit all teams to participate in post-season tournament play. All of the tournament play is well played and affords an opportunity for sportsmanship and competition at the highest levels for youth baseball programs.